Programs & Services

Our confidential services are offered free of charge to help you transform your life no matter your age, gender, race or socio-economic status. We can even help you find a place to house your pets while you escape your abuser.

We provide solutions to end domestic violence today and for future generations through empowerment, advocacy and innovative programs and services.

Remember: No matter what you call it - dating violence, spousal abuse, intimate partner violence, domestic abuse, violence against women, animal cruelty, domestic violence, elder abuse, family violence - abuse is never acceptable and never your fault!


Safehouse Services staff is working to end family violence so that you, your family, friends and co-workers never have to experience abuse.

Our focus is on primary prevention initiatives - creative programs and services that help you develop the skills to prevent abuse from ever occurring in your life:

Coordinated Community Response Team: staff, attorneys and representatives from Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, the Laramie County School District, local community organizations, Cheyenne Police Department, Military advocacy agenciesunty Sheriff's Office and Legal Aid collaborating on a comprehensive plan to prevail over domestic violence in our community.

Hands Are for Helping: an at-play program empowering kindergarten students and teachers to develop non-aggressive ways to deal with emotions

Expect Respect: a school-based program for middle and high school students promoting safe and healthy relationships while encouraging students to share what they learn with friends and family

'Gentle'men Against Domestic Violence®: helping boys and young men to evolve beyond macho stereotypes to develop self-respect and respect for others and then share what they've learned

Healthy Relationships: teens and adults exploring the components of healthy relationships to ensure their own relationships remain violence-free.

Domestic Violence Support Group meets on Tuesday evening at 6 p.m. at Safehouse Services, 714 West Fox Farm Rd.

Children's Group meets on Tuesday evening at 6 p.m. at Safehouse Services, 714 West Fox Farm Rd. in conjunction with the Domestic Violence Support Group.

Community Awareness: bringing information and family violence solutions to the community through our Speaker's Bureau, news releases, seminars, special events, community activities and free presentations

All services are confidential and provided free of charge. For more information on programs designed to prevent family violence, please call 307-637-7233.


Advocacy & Support Programs: empowering children, adults, elders and special populations in transforming their lives to a position where they feel safe and self-sufficient.

Court & Legal Advocacy: Advocates assist clients in filing for a domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking protection orders, which includes accompanying them to court. We also create safety plans throughout the process.

Victims Services: Outreach staff working with the State's Attorney's Office to assist victims currently in the court system.

Elder Abuse Response Program: meeting the distinctive needs of abuse victims 50 years and older.

Direct Assistance: meeting basic needs so you can focus on personal empowerment and breaking the cycle of abuse

All services are confidential and provided free of charge. For more information on current programs designed to protect victims, please contact Safehouse Services at 307-637-7233.


You can prevail over the abuse in your life and help Safehouse Services Services change society's acceptance of violence in the home:

Transitional Housing Program: move towards self-sufficiency by developing real-world skills while under Safehouse Services's supportive wing in one of four THP cottages how do we describe ours) (must meet certain criteria to participate).

Healing Arts: heal from the past, live fully in the present and create a future free from abuse using art therapy, creative writing, drumming circles, yoga and other creative outlets.

Safehouse Services's programs and services are all confidential and provided free of charge. For more information, please call 307-637-7233.

Legal Support:

American Bar Association

Wyoming Legal Services

Employer/Employee Support:

Safe@Work Coalition

Teen Dating/Healthy Relationships:

Choose Respect

Give Respect, a project of the Family Violence Prevention Fund

Love Is Not Abuse/Liz Claiborne Inc.

The Safe Space, a project of Break the Cycle

National Teen Dating Abuse Hotline


Safehouse Services's confidential 24-hour crisis line: 307-637-7233

Toll Free Wyoming Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-591-9159

Toll-Free National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233

Children's Advocacy Center

Laramie County Sheriff's Office

Laramie County School District

Wyoming Department of Family Services

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center

Wyoming & U.S. Networks:

Wyoming Coalition Against Domestic Violence

National Domestic Violence Hotline/Million Voices Campaign

National Network to End Domestic Violence

Elder Abuse:

National Center on Elder Abuse

National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse

International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse

Protecting Our Pets/Animal Cruelty is Domestic Violence:

American Humane

American Humane's Pets and Women's Shelters (PAWS)® Program The Humane Society of the United States

The Humane Society of the United State's Online Directory of Safe Havens for Animals™ Programs

The Link Between Animal Cruelty and Domestic Violence

For Domestic Violence Shelters in Wyoming and the U.S.

International Directory of Domestic Violence Agencies

Cell Phone Drop Locations: Call 307-637-8655.