Your gifts of time and dollars are most welcome (and needed) and are deductible for tax purposes.

In addition to support from individuals, Safehouse is eligible to receive financial support from corporations, foundations, and other organizations. Safehouse programs and services are funded in part by the United Way, the City of Cheyenne, Laramie County, the State of Wyoming, and through federal programs.

Internally, Safehouse raises funds from special events and from Grandma's Pickle Parlor. Victims of domestic violence often leave home with only the clothes on their backs. Clean, useable clothing, disposable diapers, paper supplies, and unopened cosmetic & personal hygiene supplies are welcome gifts.

Your contributions help in so many ways!
Right now our greatest need is for our new facility. Here's how you can help:

$25 - gas fill-up for our van
$50 - mattress pads/pillows
$75 - bedding (sheets/bedspreads)
$100 - vacuum cleaners
$150 - end tables
$300 - dressers
$500 - armoires (clothing closets)
Any Amount $_____

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