Celebrity Waiter

Celebrity Waiter Fundraiser Nets $30,000!

Duck Dynasty -- Jimmy and Kim Siler entertained the crowd with their "redneck style."

Col. Sanders and "Employee of the Month" Mayor Rick Kaysen and his wife Dianne never fail to take their fun seriously!

Guests from Laramie County Community College got into the act with a Gilligan's Island theme.

This year, we had 32 tables and nearly 40 waiters and lots of volunteers. We appreciate all of you!!

Celebrity Waiter Dinner 2015
Mark Your Calendars - February 20th
Little America

Join us for the most "fun" fundraiser you have ever attended!

Celebrity Waiters are really fun people who graciously offer to dress as celebrities and to entice the guests at their table to "tip" them for their services -- which really means "give generously to the Safehouse cause."

Here's how it works:
Tables sell for $600 for a table of 8. Individual tickets are available as well for $80 each. As the purchaser of the table, you get to decorate your table however you like and invite your guests to dress accordingly, Half of the fun is wandering around the room and taking in the spectacle of the decorations, costumes and the hilarious antics of the costumed party-goers! The room is abuzz with energy and excitement.

Each member of your table will receive $50 in play money because just as in real life, a "celebrity waiter" performs better with financial incentive! You will tip the waiter for food, water, a chair, silver, etc. If you run out of play money for tipping, you can purchase more which is really just a tax-deductible contribution to Safehouse.

But here is where the fun begins. Your waiter is working to raise money for Safehouse and to win great prizes for him or herself. Your waiter may accept tips to dance or sing… or who knows what else! There is also a live and silent auction.

Here's how you can help:

  1. Purchase a table and enjoy two bottles of wine.
  2. Be a "celebrity waiter." Bring out your inner "Marilyn Monroe" or "Elvis," win prizes for yourself and raise money for Safehouse.
  3. Donate auction items or items for prizes. Prizes are given to the top-tipped waiter, the top tipping table, and the best-dressed waiter.

This year, waiters will receive extra points for any or all of the following:

  • Getting pledges ahead of the event - dollar for dollar
  • Find their own table sponsors -- $1,000 (points)
  • Providing an auction item -- $1,000 (points)
  • Have an artist or celebrity you know sign or decorate your apron beforehand - you can then sell your apron at the event.
  • If the table sponsor pays for the table on or before February 1, 2015 - $1,000 (points)

These points will be counted before the event on Friday, February 20 and the waiter who is ahead at the beginning of the evening will be announced. Then - let the waiting begin!

For more information or to purchase tickets or a table, please use the buttons below, or contact Sue Castaneda at 256-7406 or email scasta1630@yahoo.com.

Table of 8 - $600.00

Individual Tickets - $80.00